Overnighters will receive:

​1) Bed or Beds
A guest room or rooms for a one night stay, unless your host feels led to offer additional nights.
2) Breakfast Each morning of your stay.

3) Prayer Offered a time for prayer during your stay. 
4) Offer To Give It would be a blessing to make a contribution of say $25 a night per guest room payable to a Christian ministry of your choice, like ACFO, CFOIorUPT. Your Host Home will give you the option and instruction on how to do this.  

Offerings Gifts can be sent to :


3690 Merwin 10 Mile RD

 Cincinnati, OH 45245 USA

Host Homes will provide:    

1) Bed or Beds                           

You should offer a guest room for night, unless you feel led to offer more nights.


2) Breakfast 

You should provide breakfast each morning of your guests' stay.


3) Prayer

You should offer a time of prayer withyour guests during their stay.


Your information will be added to a list of other BBP Host Homes, by state, shown on this web site. We may also use the BBP website for on-line connectivity.

This program is offered only to the Camps Farthest Out members and their invited guest. A BBP Passport will be required to stay at a Host Home.


To become a Host Home go to the

Host Home Sign-Up. 

Bed-Breakfast-Prayer Program


A new ministry for Camps Farthest Out.