A new ministry for Camps Farthest Out.

Charles and Carole Grassl

Arlington, TX 76001

Phone 972-754-4656


One double bed


Judy Servis

Doss, Texas 78618

Phone 1 830 669 2831                                                            Email:

Three upstairs Bed Rooms and bed for 10 (2 bed are double)

I have a large house with 4 bedrooms and a large kitchen which sets on 13 acres.  Doss is ranching and hunting country.  I have goats and chickens but could have a hunter or two as I have a deer blind in my back field.  Any way  that is a bit about my living situation.  

No picture available yet as I am getting the house painted soon and the grass needs mowing.   This is not a fancy mansion type house.   Basically it's a farm or ranch house.  The house and garden area sets on about an acre of property and the rest is for livestock or hunting.  My bedroom is downstairs.  We also have a guest house to rent down the road for $10 a night.     That pretty much wraps it up for now.  This is what I can give you quickly.  Oh, I should say that the house sets half-way back on the property from the main road and has a rectangular board fence around so that the  goats do not come in the yard.

I just recently came back to CFO after a lapse of 30 years.  I went to the Kansas CFO as there is currently no CFO in Texas.  While I was there we talked about reestablishing one some place in this state.  I just moved to Texas in 2011 after being with Youth with a Mission in California and Oregon for 13 years.